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Rochester Vampire Ball

Tickets are now on sale

$20 general admission

21 and up event
Dress Code (see Below)
Please read this entire section

VIP tickets - Sold out

⚰ DJ’s:
Raye Black

⚰ Bands and music performers:
Miguel A. Ramos-Vazquez
Waking Dream
Dark Reverence

⚰ Special performances by:

Our Co-hostesses the Rochester RocDommes will be giving spankings to raise money for Willow Domestic Violence Center in memory of Penny Scandal.

Dress code enforced:

Level 3 – Elite
Examples: Venetian Carnival, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Formal Goth

Level 2 – Impressive
Examples: Goth, Aristocratic, Uniforms, Steampunk, Historical, Gothic Lolita, Latex, Black Tie,Leather, Neo-Victorian, Masquerade, Priests/Priestesses, cosplay, Lost Boys

Level 1 – Minimal
Examples: Basic all Black-on-Black, Fangs, and Masques

Level 0 – Forget It
Examples: NO (We are Serious)
Non black T-Shirts, Blue Jeans, Wife Beaters, Racist Symbols, Sportswear, Street Wear, Sneakers (all black or decorated for the theme chucks are the exception in regards to sneakers) Etc.

The exception to this is Lost Boys. But lost boys better have some fangs, boy.

Costumes are 99% of the Decor; the People Make the Party.

Unless you’ve brought a change of clothes which you intend to wear, entry to the Rochester Vampire Ball YOU WILL BE REFUSED WITHOUT REFUND.

Fangs and masks are highly encouraged but NOT required.

Proceeds from this event will be donated to The Rochester Erotic Arts Festival and Willow Domestic Violence Shelter.