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Comedy In Da Roc

Tickets are only $15 dollars. Act quick, tickets are selling out quickly. Oh! And the event's sponsored by Bluntville, so plan to go home with swag. Hats, shirts, lighters, blunts. This is going to be insane! Doors at 7, show at 8.

Oh! And the swag is going to be buffet style? No telling what you can go home with. Sponsorship has its perks.

David Reese, Milton Curry, G Funk, and myself.

Hosted by the lovely Jackee Chann and the mysterious Ceeman, (which sounds hilarious when said aloud. )(Where'd it come from?)

But this is going to be insane...

Chris Rocstarz Scott and Donald Steven's Jr are the guys behind this. I'm not involved in the business side of anything, I just wanted to get an event page up. Share, share, share!